The pottery I make is a celebration of the common rituals of human life.  By creating beautiful and joyful pottery to be used in everyday life activities, I hope to enhance people’s life experiences.  Whether it be through the mug one reaches for in the morning for that first cup of coffee, the plates used to set the dinner table, or the vessel placed as a centerpiece, each task can either be a mundane action or an exciting choice... "who’s mug will I use today?”, “which plates will I set the table with?"  The awareness in each of our actions refines our choices.  Using vessels that are aesthetically appealing adds joy to everyday tasks.  My inspiration is to bring awareness, happiness and pleasure into these otherwise ordinary acts of life through the integration of my pottery into people's lives.


The technique I use to create my work is sgraffito; it is the process of painting englobes (or slips) on the pottery and then carving through the englobes to create designs. The drawings I use to create these designs are inspired by my inner landscape, specifically imagery from my dreams (the most prevalent being whales, snakes, houses, trees and eggs).


I am also inspired by the raw clay and fire. The simple, but beautiful, patterns of pit-fired vessels are a snap shot of the fire's path; the burnished naked pot is first imprinted with the patterns of smoke and flames from a semi-controlled open fire until the fire leaves its image on the pots surface, forever changed.


I am at my happiest and most content when I am working in the studio, and I believe my audience will gain a similar sense of satisfaction and joy when using and viewing my work.